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New Food Line bearings could minimize food safety risks

A new series of bearings developed by SKF is geared toward improving safety in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.
The Food Line stainless steel deep groove ball bearings have been designed to minimize the risk of food adulteration and contamination, thereby reducing the frequency of resulting product recalls.

The bearings meet two key requirements for food and beverage manufacturers: seals made with synthetic rubber that achieves FDA compliance and has been dyed blue for better visibility; and high-quality, 

food-grade grease lubricant that is meant for use in food and beverage applications.

Dive Insight:

Developments in food engineering innovations could be key factors in how food and beverage manufacturers improve the safety of their supply chains, particularly as they create the preventive safety 

protocols mandated by new FSMA rules.

The Food Line bearings prevent non-food-grade grease from contaminating food while also making damaged bearings easier to spot.

Recent canned tuna recalls for Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea, followed by H-E-B, last month were blamed on process deviations. In all three cases, an equipment malfunction may have caused 

the tuna to be undercooked and potentially contaminated with pathogens or spoilage organisms.

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